Creating Award Winning Koi Ponds


This web site is the result of revisiting a creative process that I have been involved in for over 30 years now. This is not unique to me. We all engage in this process in one form or another, some more conscious of it than others. In the beginning I was of the latter. The creation I am talking about began in 1976 when I acquired a piece of land in Colorado Springs. It took my breath away and I had a sense that at some level it was more than luck to be at the right place at the right time. I would say it was a feeling of responsibility. I just knew that the land had a larger purpose than what I could provide at the time. I felt there was a vision in place and I was selected to manifest it somehow, some way.

For some it probably is a small vision, after all it is just a house. For others the energy and resources might have been better spent in other ways. For me, it had a life of its own. It manifested in mini steps. As I look back, the big picture was a done deal from the beginning, although I was not conscious of it. For the most part it could not have been created all at once. People with the right insights and skills entered my life at the perfect time as did the resources necessary to complete a particular phase. My life was not about just this vision either. I had a busy dental practice, skied, trained for marathons, climbed mountains, raised golden retrievers, and went through my share of relationships. Time therefore was an important aspect if not an asset. It allowed me to live in the house as the visions developed. I could do the drawings, consult with friends, find the skilled craft people and not commit to a project until it felt right. Most importantly, I was fortunate enough to have the same contractor, Dennis Stern, as well as many of the same subcontractors from the beginning. Paul Sherwood, a good friend, was always available to exchange ideas over a beer or two.

If I could identify a common theme, it would be form and function. I would not start a project until a problem or need presented itself. Sometimes we would do something in such a way that neither my contractor nor I knew the reason why. We trusted our instincts only to realize the reason years later while planning another phase. By using similar materials and design elements throughout the project, a seamless transition was accomplished while maintaining each rooms uniqueness. Remember, it has been over 30 years from start to present.

So here is my story. I have mostly told it through 3-dimensional drawings, vintage and current pictures with text used to explain the form and function. I take a part of the original house and follow that part through to the present, coloring each section chronologically. As I writ this, [March 2009] I have only finished the drawings of the master bedroom to main Koi pond and the front pond section. As I complete more drawings I will add them to this web page. Also, the "total" vision is still ongoing but more of that later.